Prohlada Art Center is the successor to traditions and successes achieved by Art and Services, founded in Sofia in 1993 by the seasoned restorer, Emil Chushev. We strive to be respectful to the artworks we work with and produce as well as to the clients who rely on our skills. Among them are names like Boyan Radev, Angel Simeonov, Vezhdi Rashidov, as well as institutions such as the National Art Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, State Art Gallery – Plovdiv, National Archaeological Museum, National History Museum, Rakursi Gallery, Nuance Gallery and others.

We restored and re-gilded the iconostasis of the “St. Sunday” temple in Sofia and gilded the domes of the temple and chapel in Mirkovo. We also work on a project basis on the temple restoration of “St. Archangel Michael”, Etropole.


Emil Chushev


Georgi Chushev

assistant restorer, expert in gilding

Jordan Dimitrov


Lyubomira Chusheva

art historian, expert in gilding

Stoyan Vodenicharov

system operator

Ivaila Zhalova

tecnical manager

External Team:

Rumyana Decheva


Rumyana Yoneva

licensed expert appraiser of works of art

Atanas Petrov

specialist in restoration of antique frames