Professional restoration of paintings, icons, paper, murals, furniture, sculptures of wood, stone, plaster, metal, ceramics, porcelain and more.

The Prohlada Art Center team is comprised of licensed restorers with extensive experience. Some of our restoration projects include: St. Nedelya Temple Sofia (iconostasis and gilding), St. Archangel Michael Temple, Etropole (icon restoration, iconostasis, murals) and more.


Painting restoration

Our studio restores paintings by contemporary authors as well as old masters. This practice includes the following services: Manufacturing of stretcher bars in different thicknesses and widths without size limitation.
Strengthening and stabilizing of gessoes and painting layers, smoothing of irregularities, removing surface contamination, repairing tears, removal of deteriorated and darkened varnishes, restoration and re-lining, as well as varnishing with natural or synthetic varnishes.

Icon restoration

Both antique and modern icons owned by private individuals as well as churches are restored at our studio. We also restore iconostases on site. There is also the option to remove the artwork from the environment and proceed with conservation and restoration in the studio. The restoration work includes: Strengthening of paint layers, gessoes and foundations, cleaning of surface contaminants and varnishes, filling, retouches, restoration, gilding (overall and in the details), as well as varnishing with natural and synthetic varnishes.

Mural restoration

This service is offered on site at the temples and churches as well as in the centuries-old house’s exteriors and interiors. The service includes: Cleaning of surface contamination from soot, dust, etc., strengthening of plasters, layering, filling, retouches, restoration and transfers. We also create new murals incorporating both church and secular themes.

Paper restoration

At the studio we restore artwork made on paper created with different materials including pencil, watercolor, pastels, gouaches, as well as graphic works. We offer restoration of photographs, albums, books made of paper and parchment.

Furniture restoration

We restore both contemporary and antique furniture built from various materials and incorporating different technologies. We restore damage from transportation, repair parts, stabilize veneers, remove old varnishes and dirt, putties, shellac varnishes, gilding, re-upholstery with natural materials including fabric, leather and more.

Restoration of sculptures wood, stone, plaster, metal, ceramic and porcelain.

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