In Art Centre Prohlada we do consulting work on authenticity, dating, technology, school, authorship of paintings, icons, antiques, murals and evaluations. We issue certificates of authenticity.

The licenses for the evaluation of a work of art are issued by Rumyana Yoneva.

They are used mainly in front of insurance companies and others.

We mainly work with Bulgarian artworks, but we can also consult for works by foreign authors by attracting specialists in the field.

Certificates of value, authenticity and evaluation of antiques and works of art.

We issue certificates for all works of art after a visit to the studio. In certain cases we use external consultants and specialists.

If necessary, additional research may be carried out on the materials used to create the artwork, such as canvases, boards, primers, paints, varnishes, and the technique of creation.

The cost of issuing a certificate depends on many factors, such as the analysis needed, specialists, and more.

A visual inspection of an artwork can be done at the studio with the price starting at 100 lv. including VAT.

The validity of certificates is unlimited in time.

The time required varies from 1-2 days to a month, depending on the complexity of the task.

Certificates can be two types: Certificate of Authenticity and Certificate of Value.


Emil Chushev


Rumqna Decheva