Copies of paintings and icons

The studio has specialists available for making copies of murals, iconostases for newly built temples, and also copies of antique frames.


Copies of icons

We exclusively use high quality wooden materials such as linden, chestnut, walnut, white pine, cherry and others for woodworking and woodcarving. The necessary wood base rigidity is obtained by using wedge braces, dove tails, etc. Grounds or Gesso are also crafted using traditional methods and natural materials. We use crackled Gesso finishes for an antique aesthetic. Gilding is done with 22 karat gold and silver and painting is done with the classical technology of egg tempera. Other effects can also be incorporated using techniques such as glazes, Probaster, punches and more. We use commercial art varnishes as well as varnishes made in-house from natural resins.

Copies of paintings

We use wooden frames made in house with various widths and thickness, quality canvases, paints and varnishes. We can create copies of both classical and contemporary works in compliance with the requirements of the Cultural Heritage Act.

Copies of antique frames

The technology and craftsmanship that applies to copies of antique frames includes gypsum ornament casting, milled or carved wood profiles according to a specific model, gilding (silver and gold), and the layering of patinas for an antique effect.

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